About Me

St George, Queensland – July 2020


My name is Thomas Bancroft, a recent graduate from the Queensland University of Technology (August 2021) , where I obtained a bachelor of design (honours), majoring in interactive and visual design. Throughout my time at university, I studied in fields including graphic design, website design, data visualisation, user interface (UI) design, and user experience (UX) design. During this time, I gained an advanced knowledge of these fields, and the concepts and technical skills needed to execute them. Outside of university, I have mainly worked with websites, but have also worked in producing social media content, as well as graphic design. This includes small projects that were done for the Roma Apex Club and the Roma AutoSpa Car Wash, as well as larger jobs which were done for the Capalaba Bulldogs Football Club, and Grip Star Socks. At the Capalaba Bulldogs, I was a social media intern, where I was responsible for designing graphics that would mainly be used for displaying the team line-ups, half time scores, and full time scores, on the teams Facebook and Instagram pages. At Grip Star Socks, I started out as a website design intern, where I was responsible for designing and developing the website for the business’ new USA expansion. However, over time, the people I have been working for offered to pay me for my work, as well as work on re-designing the already-existing Australian and New Zealand websites. Furthermore, they also asked me to work on designing and developing the new European expansion of their business. It should be noted that the design of the Australian, New Zealand, and European websites would all be based off the design I came up with for the USA website. Currently, as of November 2021, I have completely finished the USA and Australian websites for Grip Star Socks, and am nearing the completion of the NZ site and starting on the European site.


While the goal is to be working around sports, designing websites/apps/graphics/anything for world-class teams, at the moment I’m very happy to be taking on work under my own name, as well as applying for jobs at businesses that are looking for people like me to help push their business forward.